By the Falls - Original Watercolor

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It glows on your wall with the changing sun. The subtle myriad of colors capture your attention like sparkles of the seasons bringing back warm summer times in cool hidden places. It stays with you forever...

Samuel Worley's original watercolor titled: By the Falls is one of several in a series of nude art paintings by a waterfall or river. The alluring woman in this painting is Elizabeth Gracen who lost her title of Miss America when she posed nude in Playboy. Inspired by the art of Maxfield Parrish and watercolors of Steve Hanks, this beautiful piece took three years in the making while Sam practiced his technique before he felt confident enough to execute it.

This image is also available in full-size Limited Edition Lumira Prints and Limited Edition Giclee Prints (on watercolor paper).

Medium: Watercolor

Year Completed: 2000

Note: this painting comes with the walnut frame, matting and copper tone fillet shown in the picture. It ships without glass so as to protect the painting.

(Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery)

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